Germania of Poughkeepsie inc.

Germania Blue & White Soccer Club

The Germania Soccer Club is over 61 years old and going strong!

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Shining the Lights

new field lights. Germania German Club, Blue & White Soccer

The field lighting project will be completed this year when a light pole is replaced, the final two sets of lights are installed, and all the lights are adjusted to provide the maximum amount of light to the field.

Soccer Club Field Lighting Project


The Germania Soccer Club would like to thank the following people and organizations that made donations to the Soccer Field Lighting Project. Their generous contributions are greatly appreciated.

Mustapha Abidar

John Bayne

Jeff Contelmo

Mark Delaney

Jeff Dezago

George Dianni

Todd Fedor

Mark Fumasoli

Germania Bar Committee

Germania of Poughkeepsie

Germania Singers

Jim Gorton (Washy)

Scott Grimes

Mustafa Jamal

Alex Jombach

Bill Kapogiannis

The Licis Family

John Lord

Jeff McDonough

Margaret Morano / Bridget Demers

 (In Honor of Rony Kemmerer)

Richard, O’Kpobi

George Patrakis

Herbie Purberl

Joe Simone

Davey Sullivan/Russell

Lou Szanto

Paul Tetrault

Laszlo Toth

The Ulrich Family

Veith Electric

Matt Viggiano

Rob Wheeler

Scott Wood

(In Memory of Edwin Wood)

Mark Woyner

Got Cleats?

Ready To Play?

Germania teams attract the best players.

Germania has always attracted the best players from the region. Initially players mostly from Germany made up the teams. Throughout the years players with many different heritages have come to Germania to play. Over the years, Germania has provided a home for talented amateurs and former high school and collegiate players to keep playing.

Be a part of Germania's Soccer Excellence!

Blue & White teams practice during the week. All players from the area are invited to join a practice, join Germania, and get on a team’s roster or perhaps volunteer and help manage the best Mannschaft in New York!

Blue & White SC 2018 State Champions

Some Blue & White history

Blue & white board officers

Blue & white Team managers

Blue & White Gallery