This week's Featured Germania Saturday Dinner To Go..

Halbes Hähnchen

(Roasted Half Chicken)

A German Imbiss favorite!  

Roasted Half Chicken served with homemade Mac n’ Cheese, Baked Beans, Cornbread, and Dessert. Delicious!

"Sehr Lecker!"

Imbiss is a general German term for small food stand or street food shop, usually tiny and locally run (often a family operation). The German version of the American food truck, although much older (middle ages in origin).  There are tens of thousands of imbisses throughout Germany, serving everything from the standard currywurst, pizza, or döner kebab to the more exotic such as Nepali vegetarian dishes, Russian red beat soups, Copenhagen-style hot dogs, and Korean food.

What most imbisses have in common though is their basic decor and emphasis on functionality over fancy ambiance. You should, however, never see this as sign of lacking atmosphere—it’s all there, but with food as the central focus.Germans love their imbiss for an on-the-go meal or takeout. There is also an army of small mobile imbiss-like food stands at the train and Ubahn (metro) stations offering fresh Brötchen (bread roll) with cold cuts, steamed bratwurst, coffee, and beer (remember, it is Germany) to go.

An imbiss will usually have quite cramped seating inside for a handful of customers, mostly used during winter. In the summer time (April through October) people will flock outside for a quick lunch or dinner, and small talk.

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Germania of Poughkeepsie offers plenty of family friendly activities year round. In the German traditional of Gemütlichkeit, all are invited to explore each of Germania’s many festivals, heritage & sport clubs, events and activities.

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Delicious German Food for your Event or Holiday. Offering Pickup Only

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Germania of Poughkeepsie
Bulk Catering Menu
October 2020
Currently Available for Germania Members Only

Delicious German Food for your Event or Holiday.

Offering Pickup Only
½ trays serve 8-10, Full Trays 16-20

Subject to local 8% Sales Tax.

Call in your orders to the clubhouse at (845)471-0609, or email


Jägerschnitzel (Breaded Pork Cutlets) $75
(served on bed of sauerkraut with mushroom gravy)

German Bratwurst Platter $60
(grilled and served on a bed of sauerkraut)

Assorted German Wurst Platter $65
(your choice of grilled bratwurst, smoked, cheese bratwurst,
or any combination, served on a bed of sauerkraut


Mashed Potatoes (served with Butter) $35

Mixed Vegetables $35

Salad $25
(mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, side dressing)

Sauerkraut $30

Red Cabbage $30